Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WOW....I can sew! Not well but....

I know this is super easy but I'm still so proud of myself that I actually made this.  I am so so so not a seamstress!  It is made out of a pillowcase and if you google pillowcase dress you won't believe all the results you will find.  Literally all I had to do was put in armholes and a neck.  I did have to take it up a little so there is a seam also along the side but because it is a pillowcase the hem is all done already!  The bow on the bottom is put on with a snap so I can remove it for washing!  Now to find some really cute pillowcases....it seems most of the stores only have solid colors so I'm hoping to run across some neat ones at the thrift store!  I did make another one out of fabric from the bolt the other day and it actually was pretty easy, too.  I added a solid color border across the bottom of a seersucker cherry print and it turned out cute.  It only took less than 1/2 a yeard of fabric so still a very inexpensive dress to make and....when they outgrow it as a dress let the ribbons out and they can have a long top and wear leggings or shorts with a shirt underneath.


  1. that is a cute neat idea, wish I could see Rachael in it.

  2. Great Job!!! I love pillowcase dresses!

  3. Hey Kim, thank you for coming by my blog and asking about Cody. He is totally normal, thank goodness. But we never did get a diagnosis, so thats hard to know we went through all that and won't know why.

    But..on a happy note! I can't sew either! LOL! But did just get my families basic sewing machine and have done a few things on my projects. Maybe the project you did would be a good beginning one for me?


  4. Kim, thanks for stopping by on Verve's blog hop! This is gorgeous. I love how stripes of the hem and 'belt' run in different directions from the rest of the dress and the red accents are lovely!