Friday, March 16, 2012

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!!!

Aren't these yummy?  My friend found these on pinterest and made some and I just had to try it, too.  Here are the ones we saw on pinterest.  I am LOVING pinterest!  So many cool ideas all in one place and then if you find someone's style that you really like you can explore their blog further!  Watch out though you can get lost on there for hours!  Anywho.....I was sewing the seed beads on my daughter's cookeis and I started wondering if I could emboss the felt and LOL it worked!  I tried a couple of different folders and one definitely worked better than the other....the swirl pattern seemed to be deeper and so far has stayed....I'm watching to see if the pattern wears down after being handled so far so good.  Here are a couple of closer photos so you can see a little of the embossing...they are way cuter in real life!

I used my spellbinders to cut the felt.  The regular circle didn't cut very well but it did leave an indentation for me to use to cut with scissors.  The scalloped circle cut just fine though.  


  1. I was looking at these and said, they look good enough to eat! Then I read they are FELT?? They look so good! I must be hungry! Well, I'm also a brand new follower to your blog! Just thought I'd stop by and say Hello and Happy Easter to you! Come and follow my blog if you get a chance!

    Creations By PinkE