Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Milk Carton Box

Sorry to those who are already receiving their ribbon shares and have stopped by to see what that piece of cardstock with ovals punched in it included in your package should look like....as you can see I'm still not finished decorating mine.  I apologize for being late posting this....just didn't have the stamps I'd really like to finish it off with yet but at least you can see the finished shape.  Alas....again I can not take credit as I found the tutorial on how to make these super cute and super easy boxes here.  I LOVE that SU striped ribbon.....so wish I had bought more before it retired....it ties so nice.  All of the SU ribbon that I've played with so far is wonderful quality....so easy to work with!  If anyone from SU is listening....please please please bring that ribbon back....I'm not even picky about the colors...!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh how cute! I didn't put my milk carton together yet, but will soon. Thanks for posting the pic.

    Janis :)